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Rethinking Christianity
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Rethinking Christianity

Seeds of Christianity
From Paul to Constantine
A Torah View of the Founder of Christianity
Josephus On Jesus
Faith vs Law
Did Jesus Exist?
Preamble: The Jesus Puzzle
Part One: A Conspiracy of Silence
Part Two: Who Was Christ Jesus
Part Three: The Evolution of Jesus of Nazareth
Part Four: Postscript
Part Five: The Second Century Apologists
Research Links
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On this page we have included a list of links to other web sites that we found  to be valuable sourses of information for those who wish to investigate for themselves.
I have also included a brief explanation of what we like about the site.


Early Christian Writtings is a detailed sourse for research on most any topic on the early history of the Church and its writings, current scholarship, and modern criticism. Highly Recommended!

Early Christian Writings

Did Jesus addresses the question of wheather there was a Historical Jesus.Essays both for and against the exixtance of a historical Jesus can be found here. Highly Recommended!

Did Jesus Exist

Messiah Truth Project: High graphic content. An excellent sourse for those who wish to investigate comparative criticism of the New Testament and the Hebrew Bible. Site is dedicated to refute the fundamentalist Christians attempts to convert Jews to Christianiry. This site welcomes your challenges.  Highly Recommended!

Messiah Truth Project

The Massiah Truth Project may also be reached on Pal Talk.Found in the Judaism Category, look for Massiah Truth. There you will find voice interactive lessons presented every night accept Friday nights which is the Jewish Sabbath. If you want to meet and talk with a Rabbi, here is your chance.Just download the program and your all set. Its a FREE DOWNLOAD.