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Rethinking Christianity
Did Jesus Exist?

Rethinking Christianity

Seeds of Christianity
From Paul to Constantine
A Torah View of the Founder of Christianity
Josephus On Jesus
Faith vs Law
Did Jesus Exist?
Preamble: The Jesus Puzzle
Part One: A Conspiracy of Silence
Part Two: Who Was Christ Jesus
Part Three: The Evolution of Jesus of Nazareth
Part Four: Postscript
Part Five: The Second Century Apologists
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For the Noahide the question of Jesus as a historical figure is a non-issue. The only question the prospective Noahide must come to terms with is: "Was Jesus God?" To this all Noahides and Jews can answer without reservation, "No!!" A man, historical or not, can not be God if nothing more than by definition. God is beyond human conception. Therefore, if men saw him, took any type of human form, or demonstrated any human attribute he would have to be a "creation" of God and not God Himself.


Noahides and Jews hold to the strictest principles of Monotheism, One God, indivisible, beyond comprehension, and in need of nothing.



For those who wish to explore the best in research from ALL points of view concerning the question, "Did Jesus Exist" the Noahide Web Site would like to present what we feel is perhaps the best site on the Web to address this question. Peter Kirby's new web site: "Did Jesus Exist"
As Noahides we do NOT Evangelize, Coerce, or Belittle ANYONE into joining us. The choice of how one comes to know the One God remains with the individual. Our only goal at the Noahide Web Site is to make the journey a little easier. In so doing what was once Faith is transformed into Belief that will carry the individual along the Path of the Righteous Gentile.
The following Link will provide you with the current scholarship concerning the Existence of Jesus as a Historical Figure or Not.