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The 7 Universal Noahide Laws

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The Seven Noahide Commandments

By the grace of G-d
Nathaniel Segal

Duties for a Civilized World

G-d originally gave commandments to Adam and Eve to observe and to teach to their descendants. After the Great Flood, G-d repeated the Seven Commandments to Noah, his family, and all their descendants -- which includes all of us. This is the meaning of the term Noahide.*

When G-d revealed Himself at Mount Sinai, He gave Moses and the Jewish people the duty to convey these commandments to the rest of the people of the world. G-d also gave the Jewish people additional commandments to fulfill.

The Seven Commandments are general categories which contain many details:

1.       WORSHIP G-D. Do not worship anything except G-d Himself.

2.       RESPECT G-D AND PRAISE HIM. Do not curse Him or anyone in His name.

3.       RESPECT HUMAN LIFE. Do not commit murder, suicide, or abortion.

4.       RESPECT THE FAMILY. Do not participate in sexual immorality.

5.       RESPECT OTHERS' RIGHTS AND PROPERTY. Do not steal, cheat, or kidnap.

6.       RESPECT ALL CREATURES. Do not eat the flesh of any animal while it is still alive.

7.       PURSUE JUSTICE. Establish courts of law to enforce the Seven Noahide Commandments

These seven universal laws are a matter of obedience to G-d even if they are part of the laws of our country. Their observance guarantees peace and goodwill among all people through universal faith. Any non-Jewish person who fulfills the Seven Commandments is considered righteous and earns a share of the Eternal World to Come. Jews are rewarded for fulfilling their 613 commandments.

  • HONORING PARENTS and GIVING CHARITY are time-honored observances that have become part of this doctrine.

Although these commandments seem quite simple, profound principles of faith motivate us to fulfill them:

  • G-d involves Himself with every creature's life at every instant, and He provides what is best for each creature.
  • G-d listens to our prayers. It is fitting to ask Him for what we need and to thank Him for His kindnesses.
  • G-d created evil for us to reject and thereby earn reward.
  • G-d grants us free choice to obey or transgress His commandments, so that reward and punishment are in our hands.
  • G-d accepts everyone's repentance, and repentance restores us to a sinless state of being.


We stand poised on the threshold of the promised Messianic Age. The Messiah is about to come.

Please prepare by doing acts of goodness and kindness -- at least a little more.

 Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson
The Lubavitcher Rebbe *