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Who Wrote The Bible?
The New Testament and Christian Ignorance
What is the Torah?
The 24 Books of the Hebrew Bible
The Christian Delemma: Whose Canon? Which Bible? Is It Censorship?
A Brief History of the King James
The Septugagint: A Critical Analysis
Text and Tradition: Lecture One
Text and Tradition: Lecture Two
The Hebrew Bible

Do you know who wrote the Bible and how it came to be in the form we see today? Did you know there is actually more than one Bible, at least for Christians?
Don't feel bad if you didn't know. Most Christians take for granted that the Bible they read today is an exact translation of the original Hebrew and Greek Text.
Sadly to say this is not the case. The King James Bible differs significantly in both composition (order of the books)and translation from the original Hebrew text.
Wouldn't a prudent person who wants to KNOW the WORD of GOD want find out what these differences are?
The Hebrew Bible and Christian Bible are more differnet than one might think . With the obvious addition of what is known as the New Testament these two Bibles stand apart and are seperate from one another. Yet, each is said to be the "Inspired Word of God".
How Can this be?
Are the translations accurate? Who compiled these works? What makes a "Book" worthy of inclusion in the Bible? These are basic questions every serious Bible student should know and understand.
This web site will attempt to answer these questions and more? It will be for the reader to decide for himself what is truth and what is fiction.
This web site will attempt to bring together the current standard and research on both the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, so the reader can make up his own mind.
It is the intention of this web site to allow the reader to evaluate the current research and decide for himself which Bible is more consistant to the original text and authorship; but more important which text will more accurately reflect and answer,"What is the Word of God".

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